Product Description

Kasahe’tahòn:tsi (Black Bean) Cherokee Trail of Tears. In 1839 this pole bean was brought from the Smoky Mountains by the Cherokee Nation in their seed pouches, as they were marched to Oklahoma by the US Federal Government during the “Trail of Tears”. This forced removal left over 4,000 Native Americans dead from hunger, exposure and disease. This vining seed travelled to other Native American Nations as it is a prolific snap or shiny black dry bean. They have a 6″ green pod with purple shading. Today we honour the Cherokee Nation and remember their ancestors with every planting. Historically these dried beans were ground and used as flour but are also cooked with blue and black corn as they are one of the most tasty of beans. They hold up well when cooked and are used to make “Trail of Tears Black Bean Soup” or mashed to make tasty bean burgers.