Product Description

Cost $30 per person

We will be constructing a cob oven and preping an area for a future living roof arbor and pergolias. The arbour will provide protection from the natural elements for the cob ovens. The oven will be built over the course of 2 weeks. We will be harvesting natural clay and sand from the site of Mohawk Seedkeeper Garden. We will be sifting the clay and sand and gathering natural grasses for the exterior cob layer. Some time will be spent making a cardboard form for the interior of the oven. This won’t be all hard work but with many hands it should go smoothly. On ¬†June 21 we will honour the solstice and discuss our garden relations. We will provide a daily soup and drinks but please bring any other pot luck you wish. Hope you can make it. The events begin daily at 10 am – 3pm from starting Tuesday June 20 and running until Sunday July 2,2017. You are invited to attend any days that suit your schedual. We will post on Mohawk Seedkeeper Facebook page our daily progress, so please join our facebook page and follow our build even if you can’t physically come!