Welcome to Mohawk Seedkeeper Gardens

Terrylynn Brant, “Sera:sera” is Mohawk, Turtle Clan lives at Six Nations in Grand River Territory, Ontario Canada and is the owner and operator of Mohawk Seedkeeper Gardens.

Terrylynn is a life long gardener who uses indigenous agricultural methods, ceremonies and the support of such helpers as her beehives, maple sugar bush, crafts and the traditional seeds of her Nation in her gardens.

She is a follower of the traditional Longhouse way of life and invites all who would like to learn natural gardening at her recently built Food Security Centre. This centre is built in a sustainable building called an Earthship.

Terrylynn teaches all who want to learn and is available for workshops and speaking engagements. She can be contacted at terrylynnbrant@live.ca or stop by the gardens at 1300 Chiefswood Road Six Nations.