It is a dream come true, a Food Security Centre at Mohawk Seedkeeper Gardens is finally under construction. For those unfamiliar with Earthship they are sustainable buildings that have 6 basic principals to support their functioning. They help people live lightly on motherearth by using natural and recycled building materials (tires, glass bottle bricks, cans),  collecting and filtering their own rainwater, heating and cooling themselves via the thermal mass of mother earth in their construction, a huge greenhouse and fishpond to grow all of our plant and fish needs, they treat their own sewage and we are investigating the possibility of harvesting the sewage and compost gas to cook our food. What more could we ask for our future learning and sharing space.

As our seedkeeper garden continues we have been finding there is a greater need to share our traditional indigenous knowledge with all. We will be holding regular workshops and learning circles to enhance everyone’s knowledge in such areas as Haudenosaunee agricultural practises, seeds and seed saving, learning to harvest and preserve our crops and the fun part cooking them. I am happy to be working with my daughter and well-known Haudenosaunee Chef Tawnya Brant. Chef Brant specializes in indigenous cuisine and will be sharing her knowledge of cooking with all who are interested. She is also an excellent maker of traditional Mohawk cooking pots and hopes to share how to make them in our ancient way using out door open fire kilns.

There is just so much going on and I hope you can stop by soon.