The Mid -Winter Ceremonies are soon to begin at our Mohawk Longhouse on the Six Nations Territories and we spent some time getting ready this week. I dragged my very heavy old time corn sheller to the Longhouse to help with the job. It is very hard work and rough on your hands if you have a lot of corn to shell. We did about 30 braids that were 4-5 feet long each. It always amazes me how our ancestors feed a village everyday with shelled corn. I was tasked with the god of sort corn as well as many new comers just need more experience with learning about the different types of corn we have. These braids contained not only blue corn which would be used to make the mid-winters mush but there was some red corn and six nations calico both used for other ceremonies. I was also happy to find a bit of what we call snob nose corn used again for naming ceremonies for the babies. I am very happy to be a part of a life which honours the natural entities of our earth mother. So Naiweh to the corn people for continuing in to fulfill your earthly duties.