Six Nations Sapping 2017 showing signs of climate change!

The Sapping season locally has been showing changes in the past three seasons. The runs are having longer down times due to warmer temperatures and fewer freezing nights during the sapping moons. Locally our families are seeing the changes in our environment as described in our prophecies. Haudenosaunee prophecies speak of the heating up of [...]

Creative Natives

Akosarakeni Winter Time folks. Now that the hustle and bustle of Ohserase New Year visiting is over till the real Ohserase Jan 8 we get to do our thing. For those who are walking youth through rites of passage or for us adults who need to keep our intuition good and sharp as my Totah [...]

Sewing Success

Finished sewing the first piece, now only a million more! Lol! Well at least I m finally using the peacock scissors and home tanned scissor case made and gifted to me by a beautiful young lady I had the chance to garden with in Saskatoon, she is always In my heart!


Yes it's Mid-winters Ceremony starting today at Mohawk Longhouse Six Nations! We had an awesome time stirring ashes to start Ohserase (the new year) by letting the ashes rejuvenate Yetiniostonha Ohontsy , our Mother Earth. It's time to turn our minds towards the earth and its bounty in preparation for the gardening season! Can't wait [...]

Moving the Hive

Today was a bit warmer so I thought it would be a good day to make the winter hive move with my farming friend Tom. I wanted to move 2 large hives to the farm from the garden lot. I said wear gloves. So with the first hive loaded without a problem on two hive [...]

Returning to Clean Eating

In this time of Ohserase or New Year I have seen many taking on the challenge of returning to clean eating. Some call it organic, paleo, indigenous etc but generally they want to eat better by getting rid of sugar, GMOs, wheat, hormones etc. My family has been doing this forever , no challenge needed [...]

Time for Baking

Baking reminds me of how I like to use butter, whole milk and eggs from my neighbour. I believe in real ingredients and not gmo or modified foods. They take all the good flavour out of food and charge more for it. No fat free in this house! It may cost more but I'm moving [...]