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Black Walnuts Foraged Food Security

By Será:sera Terrylynn Brant @Mohawk Seedkeeper Gardens   Black Walnuts have been a traditional foraged food source among the Haudenosaunee for centuries. Today, with food security on everyone’s mind we are seeing a renewed interest in these majestic nut trees across our territories.     Store bought walnuts are English or California Walnuts. They are [...]

Original Food Ways Gathering May 2 & 3, 2020

We are so happy to be finally extending our original Seedkeepers Gathering to include all those who support our seeds. We encourage all to bring their traditional heritage seeds, pre packaged and labeled to share with others. This is how we get our gardens healthy and started. We will also be having many great Haudenosaunee [...]

Terra Madre “Food Change”

by Terrylynn Brant Slow Food International hosted the bi-annual International Terra Madre (Mother Earth) Convention in Torino, Italy this year. It was a great honour to be selected as an Indigenous Peoples delegate to the convention. At Terra Madre one will experience the beauty and diversity of Mother Earth’s bounty. The whole experience is like [...]

In MyLonghouse Basket “Nut Trees”

by Terrylynn Brant The cold weather often means no fresh food till spring, but if we did our gathering last fall it can mean an abundance of fresh food today. Recently Sam Bosco, Cornell Graduate Student and Vince Schiffert, Tuscarora Nation Naturalist. held, “Awę?reh- Nuts: Processing, Preparing, and Story Sharing” at the Tuscarora Nation Building [...]

Earthship Build at Mohawk Seedkeeper Gardens

It is a dream come true, a Food Security Centre at Mohawk Seedkeeper Gardens is finally under construction. For those unfamiliar with Earthship they are sustainable buildings that have 6 basic principals to support their functioning. They help people live lightly on motherearth by using natural and recycled building materials (tires, glass bottle bricks, cans), [...]

Six Nations Sapping 2017 showing signs of climate change!

The Sapping season locally has been showing changes in the past three seasons. The runs are having longer down times due to warmer temperatures and fewer freezing nights during the sapping moons. Locally our families are seeing the changes in our environment as described in our prophecies. Haudenosaunee prophecies speak of the heating up of [...]

Mid-Winters About to Begin

The Mid -Winter Ceremonies are soon to begin at our Mohawk Longhouse on the Six Nations Territories and we spent some time getting ready this week. I dragged my very heavy old time corn sheller to the Longhouse to help with the job. It is very hard work and rough on your hands if you [...]


Spring eating at the Haudenosaunee's Seedkeepers Gathering included these excellent leeks foraged on the Onondaga Nation Territory. These fresh beauties were served with buffalo roast from the Nation's Buffalo Herd!  Another treat was sassafras tea also foraged from local trees and I added my own sweet raw honey to make a comforting tea.