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We were featured on Unreserved

Click here to read the article posted on the Unreserved with Rosanna Deerchild site. Make sure to listen to the audio as well.

Creative Natives

Akosarakeni Winter Time folks. Now that the hustle and bustle of Ohserase New Year visiting is over till the real Ohserase Jan 8 we get to do our thing. For those who are walking youth through rites of passage or for us adults who need to keep our intuition good and sharp as my Totah [...]

Sunflower Seeds

Getting low on snack food so it's time to dry some more Sunflower seeds.  

Winnowing White Corn Seed

Spent time winnowing white corn seed. Thanks to my girl Theda for cranking the corn sheller as I have a bum shoulder. I have corn to lye with wood ashes. The poplar wood is best if you can get it, gives a smokey flavour to the corn. The best ingredients are natural ones. I'm not [...]

Sewing Success

Finished sewing the first piece, now only a million more! Lol! Well at least I m finally using the peacock scissors and home tanned scissor case made and gifted to me by a beautiful young lady I had the chance to garden with in Saskatoon, she is always In my heart!


Midwinter are here and that means the garden season is starting, first with ceremony, then planning the garden. This year I am looking for help. I am asking for individuals to establish a new natural farm using Haudenosaunee/indigenous heritage seeds and techniques. This farm share will be a learning experience. New farmers help with all [...]

Stir Crazy

These cold dark days of winter can mess with our minds. Some individuals have feelings of depression for many reason and sometimes just because it is the "Stir Crazy" time of the year. Attending the stirring of ashes to start the renewal can help lift minds but making a cup of tea with the hair [...]

Indigenous Farm Share Project

A reminder for those on and around Six Nations that the Indigenous Farm Share Project meets this Thursday at 7pm at Six Nations Band Council Chambers (free meeting location). Hope to see you all please let me know if u are coming or have scheduling conflicts! It's going to be a great season!


Wow I'm getting seed packs ready and did a germination test. 100% germination of my white corn, pretty good if I do say so myself! Now to package these babies up! I'm speaking at Hamilton's Seedy Saturday this week, can't wait to be among my garden soul mates!


Yes it's Mid-winters Ceremony starting today at Mohawk Longhouse Six Nations! We had an awesome time stirring ashes to start Ohserase (the new year) by letting the ashes rejuvenate Yetiniostonha Ohontsy , our Mother Earth. It's time to turn our minds towards the earth and its bounty in preparation for the gardening season! Can't wait [...]